The number of homes adopting a pet has increased, therefore the need for professional flea treatments has also risen. This is because many people now have pets in their houses and these pests normally survive and thrive inside moist and warm animal hairs on the body of a cat or dog, for example.

Once you let your furry companion explore outside unattended they might just come back with fleas ready to infest your home, and it’s not very easy to make them go away.

What many people don’t realize is that only 10% of these external parasites will be on their pet. The other 90% that consists of flea eggs, larvae and pupa take up residence in the carpets, bedding and other living areas of the home. This is just one of the several reasons customers contact our experts given that you can expect to save money and time in the long-run, dependent upon the infestation you have already.

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Flea Control Solutions

It really is important that you frequently check for fleas or ticks if you have pets; most definitely pets that reside in your home a majority of the time.  Look at the pet all over, this includes behind the ears.  These vermin normally go through a 4 stage life cycle making it imperative to check out all these areas.

A good reason for calling our team at (317-494-7225) is the fact that we have know-how and supplies essential for total flea extermination. We can execute our treatments in a practical period of time and additionally analyze spaces which you may have missed.

Ahead of getting in touch with any extermination company, it is very beneficial to thoroughly vacuum then wash your floors. Sprinkling Borax on the carpets after you’ve finished will help to dry them out also. These are simple things you can do at home before we come to your home to treat it.  They can be very hard to battle so the quicker you take action to eradicating them, the faster we can help you eliminate them for good.

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