We have all had to at times put up with crickets. Dealing with them can be extremely frustrating because they can be tricky to locate and remove.

We have a lot of experience removing them in both homes and businesses in the area. They are located in most warm parts of the world and can be found in tree canopies, bushes, in grasses, and even on the ground and in caves.

Most types of them are nocturnal and spend their days hiding in cracks and crevices or even excavating a hideout in rotten wood or underground. Male crickets are the noisemakers. They do this by rubbing to of their specialized limbs together. The sounds they create are used to attract females and to repel other males. Most of the time, the warmer it is the more frequent the chirps they produce.

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They have many natural predators.  Many larger animals and insects will eat them as part of their food source.  They can also be host to various parasites and pathogens.  In some parts of the world, they are even farmed and eaten by people as well as used as feed for zoo animals, lab animals, and even pets.

They can also hatch eggs in your house leading to a very irritating issue so if you don’t pay attention and take action soon enough. If you don’t catch them early they can be more frustrating when you finally do deal with them.

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