Not a single person wants to get ants in their house. Our company offers effective treatments in this area.

There are many types of ant issues you might be having.  Ant problems can take on lots of forms.

Sugar ants are actually a typical unwanted pest in the area.  We have worked on numerous houses lately with treatments designed especially for sugar ants.  The majority of these pests are harmless but they are annoying because they’re small and often show up in large numbers rather than just a single ant.

There are a variety of other ants in the United States.  They are social insects that live in large colonies.  Using an insect spray is only going to kill a very few; you have to treat the entire colony.

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Carmel Ant Control Solutions

Typically, they search for food or water, looking for something sweet, protein, or fat based.  Once they locate a good food source, they leave a scent trail for the other members of the colony to follow.

Some ants live outside and only come inside looking for resources.  Others can infest your home living in walls and floors.  There are different methods to effectively treat each case, but it is essential to figure out which it is.  They love to build around foundation walls and in mulch and vegetation.  Some mounds can be very well hidden.

This fact simply increases the frustration of homeowners, and retail solutions only work to a degree.  If you would like a comprehensive & efficient solution to those pesky insects, make sure you contact our team of professionals at 317-494-7225.

Before you hire any pest control company to solve your insect or rodent issues, contact us to find what to look for.