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Spider Control

    Have you noticed spiders in your house? We’ve been receiving a number of customers recently for spiders in our area. There are many reasons why our customers wish to remove them from their home and lawn.  Whatever your own personal reason for...

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Rodent Control

    If you reside in Indiana, chances are pretty high you have most likely had some type of rodent problem.   Typically, once rats or mice have taken up residence in your home their goal is to create a nest and produce a family. You want to prevent this from...

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Flea Control

    The number of homes adopting a pet has increased therefore the need for professional flea treatments has also risen. This is because many people now have pets in their houses and these pests normally survive and thrive inside moist and warm animal hairs...

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Cricket Control

    We have all had to at times put up with crickets. Dealing with them can be extremely frustrating because they can be tricky to locate and remove. We have a lot of experience removing them in both homes and businesses in the area.  They are located in...

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Cockroach Control

    Unfortunately, cockroaches are all too common. They may still take over your home even if are a neat and clean family. If you have them, don’t get down on yourself.  You’re not to blame.  This typically happens to those who reside in an...

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Beetle Control

    Lots of varieties of beetles are present in Indiana. Lots of people have had to put up with them and they can be a stressful insect to deal with. We can remove most of them for you immediately. They can be quite an irritating pest to put up with...

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Ant Control

    Not a single person wants to get ants in their house. Our company offers effective treatments in this area. There are many types of ant issues you might be having.  Ant problems can take on lots of forms. Sugar ants are actually a typical unwanted pest...

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