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Beetle Control

Beetle Control

carmel beetle extermination

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Lots of varieties of beetles are present in Indiana.

Lots of people have had to put up with them and they can be a stressful insect to deal with.

We can remove most of them for you immediately.

They can be quite an irritating pest to put up with considering that they demolish plant life.  Our company will remove any of these pests you could possibly have inside of your home or business.

There are many varieties of beetles and they can be quite difficult to kill.  They generally have a tough almost leathery covering over their wings.  They come in many shapes and sizes.  Some, like ladybugs, are beneficial because they prey on other insects.  Even these can become a problem in late summer as they try to move indoors as it gets colder outside.

Beetles are attracted to a variety of different things including grains, plants, wood, and even fabric.  Often they will find a safe place indoors to weather the cold winters.

Both the larvae and adults can eat landscaping, shrubbery, and other vegetation, including your lawn.   Some eat vegetable plants in your garden including leaves, flowers, and fruit.  Still, others eat trees.

Some varieties can even bore into wood decks and wooden furniture.  Making up almost 40% of the insect population, they are everywhere.  You can spot small holes in the surface and often sawdust can be visible.

Don’t let them reside in your home.  They are a nuisance because they can destroy property and food.  These little creatures can lay larva setting up a worse situation if they are not dealt with right away.  Call our team of professional technicians at 317-494-7225 today!

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